Trimscapes Landscaping and Construction is a familiar name around the local Brisbane areas.

We focus on all areas of landscaping – design, planning and construction.  If you have an outdoor area in Brisbane in need of some attention then we have the solution.

Specialising in commercial and residential landscaping, the expert team at Trimscapes Landscaping and Construction can take any front or back yard area in Brisbane and turn it into a contemporary and modern setting. The defining element of any luxury Brisbane landscapers is its well balanced outdoor features. The features incorporated in a custom-designed and built home reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. At Trimscapes, we make a conscious effort to push the boundaries. Our mission is to open our audience’s minds to the possibilities in both custom landscaping and construction outdoor design with Brisbane. 


If your driveway or Landscaping Brisbane needs a new decorative look we have a range of solutions available.  We will work with you to make sure your new concrete driveway complements your landscapes and meets all your needs, including your budget.

Our aggregate driveways are modern and sleek while our full concrete and concrete resurfacing alternatives can update any tired driveway.  We also have paving options available.

We can also help you with some of your outdoor areas – we not only pave outside – we also offer a paving service for vertical walls, decks or you can investigate our top quality polished concrete product.

To ensure we offer the best local Brisbane service available we utilise a number of materials to give your outdoor space a unique look.  We are experts in:

  • Timber
  • Tiles
  • Brickwork
  • Rendered concrete
  • Cladding
  • Stainless steel
  • Feature stone

To start your landscaping project please call our Brisbane Trimscapes office for a free no obligation quote.

Having your patio, balcony, garden or any outdoor living area furnished properly can make it truly feel like a relaxing and comfortable place to be.  Furnishing your outdoor living space can be just as difficult as furnishing inside your house. Having the right outdoor coffee table and lounge chairs is essential in creating this a worthwhile space to be in. So, before you go out there and purchase the first products you see, take the time and check out some tips for your landscaping Brisbane and some things to avoid when you’re furnishing that special outdoor place

Consider neutral colours for more permanent structures

Everyone has their own style and takes on how furniture should look, but if you lean too heavily into bright colours it can become garish in an outdoor environment. When you have furniture outside the best way to compliment the natural landscape around is to use neutral and natural-looking colours. Despite the quality of the material some fading and discolouration is inevitable and is most noticeable in more vibrant colours.  If you do miss that vibrancy in your outdoor space, consider adding pillows, vases and other ornaments that closer suit your taste.

Pick the right material

Picking the right furniture goes beyond just looking good, try to take into account the materials they’re made of and whether they suit your needs or not. Different materials have different uses and benefits.

Below we have outlined some Landscaping features you should consider when building your new home:

Brisbane Native Gardens 

Front yard Brisbane landscaping ideas have evolved from cookie-cutter turfed lawns to well-planned layouts that are pleasing to look at. In urban and suburban Brisbane areas, homeowners are redesigning those plots in front to create privacy with low walls or native plants; as sunny spots to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables; and to gain extra living space by building patios or decks. 

While some homeowners will never give up their traditional lawns, many are calling Brisbane landscapers to use fewer chemicals and selecting grasses that work with the region and climate. For years, many Brisbane landscapers and horticulturists and gardening professionals have been trying to get the message across: grow plants that attract beneficial insects and pollinators to create a natural habitat. Go easy on pesticides or find natural alternatives. Use less water. Save the bees, butterflies, and birds and let predators like ladybugs take care of aphids and other leaf munchers.

So, if you’re starting to realize it’s time to rethink your front lawn, at least you’re agreeable to considering some new landscaping ideas. Reconfiguring your front yard to grow fresh food, promote wildlife, or for a better environment are great reasons, but perhaps you just want that dull space to look better and boost its curb appealPic 1 Carve out privacy on your Brisbane landscape  

The owners of this new two-story home located on a corner in an urban neighborhood of Brisbane, Queensland, desired privacy, safety, an attractive yard, and an area in front in which they could chat with neighbors. 

Trimscapes was up for the many challenges. In the tiny front yard which was formerly unusable, ‘We created a Brisbane landscape seating area and a sense of enclosure through fencing and plantings,’ says Ben. ‘The design intent was to add color, drought and heat tolerance (yes, even in Sunny Brisbane QLD), and to attract birds, bees, and butterflies.’

The designer solution was to build a modern slab patio that serves as a front porch with a fence surrounding the front and side yards for a sense of enclosure, and to support climbing plants like passionflower 

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