Laying Turf

Try Laying Turf for a Lush, Green Landscape Around Your Home

If you want to have a beautiful home but don’t want to take a gamble on maintaining green grass, then  you should consider laying turf. Artificial grass is a natural, eco-friendly way to keep a green garden regardless of climate conditions. We encourage you to consider it as an attractive alternative to traditional garden grass.

Benefits of Turf Services

When compared to natural grass, artificial turf has several distinct advantages:

  • Minimal maintenance - For the most part, you can ignore your lawn and it will look good indefinitely. Occasionally, the weather or cars may damage it, but aside from spot replacements, you’ll be able to enjoy your turf as an effortless way to keep a green home. 
  • Environmental benefits - Many people use fertilizers and other chemicals for natural grass to look its best. These methods often cause run-off into local water sources, which can cause disruptions to the local wildlife and water table. Artificial turf looks good without any sort of chemical additive. 
  • Picture-perfect appearance - Say goodbye to dead patches and bald spots around your house.  The artificial turf doesn’t bake in the sun and is always green. Even in the height of a drought, you can keep your home looking its best without using precious water. 

Each of these reasons highlights why you should consider artificial turf for your home, especially if you

don’t have the time to maintain green grass.

What Sets Trimscapes Apart Regarding Turf Design

Many landscaping companies compete for your business, but there are several reasons that you should

choose Trimscapes instead of the alternatives:

  • Altogether, our team has more than a century of combined experience. We know everything there is to know about landscaping and can share valuable insights that we’ve learned over time. Our team can help you lay turf around your home in the best arrangement possible. 
  • We take a flexible, customer-focused approach to our work. We always put you first and work hard to deliver the results that you seek. When our team’s on the job, we’ll work swiftly so that you can start enjoying your new greenery. 
  • We’re a full-service operation, handling everything from laying turf to installing pergolas,  creating pathways, and repairing driveways. If you need any work done on your external property, we’re the team you need. 

Our clients always appreciate the exceptional effort we put into each project. Browse our gallery to see

the past projects we’ve completed.

Why Trust Trimscapes Regarding Turf Installation

Our aim is to be the company that you turn to whenever you need exterior work done on your property.  We offer unique solutions and develop new ideas on how to design your garden, and we know how to use artificial turf effectively to reduce your effort and maximise your home’s attractiveness. Eliminate the hassle through the turf to keep your home looking its best. Contact us today to book an appointment and discuss how we can help you.