Retaining Walls Brisbane

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Retaining Walls Brisbane

At Trimscapes, our main priority is ensuring that each project you entrust us with is delivered on time,  every time.

Our fixed quotes include scheduling so that you can make the necessary arrangements in terms of time and budget.

We have been in operation for over ten years, and even though we are a large-scale company, we retain a local feel.

Brisbane's Retaining Wall Experts

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Retaining walls 

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We’ll help you select the best retaining system available for your requirements. We’ll take care of all the work leaving you with more quality time to enjoy your life.

Related Services we Provide to Retaining Wall Installation

Chris is our construction engineer foreman. With Bachelor degrees in both Construction and Urban  Development, he ensures that all installations involving retaining walls are done to the highest standards. We aim to provide peace of mind when it comes to completing projects that your busy lifestyle does not allow you to take on by yourself. 

  • When you ask us to quote, we will consider the look you want, the prevailing climate, position of the sun, quality of the soil on your property, and any other relevant factors. 
  • We have the required knowledge to recommend appropriate plants, including the best placement options for these plants in your newly-designed garden. 
  • We can investigate how stable the soil around the area of the proposed wall is, as well as the  possibility of damage to any existing buildings should the retaining wall be built.

The Importance of Retaining Wall Design

Not all retaining walls are created equally. When it comes to design and building, we have tons of  experience in retaining wall services. When designing and building a retaining wall, there are essential questions to ask before you can commence with construction. 

  • Why do you need a retaining wall? If you are planning on using the wall for mainly decorative purposes, the specifications and requirements will be quite different from a retaining wall that will serve a more functional purpose. 
  • Where will the retaining wall be placed? Our team will assist you in making the right choice from  the start, avoiding expensive mistakes that need to be rectified at a later stage. 
  • What is the best material? There are several options available, ranging from large garden rocks,  to sculpted stone or even railway sleeper wood.
  • The team at Trimscapes has over 100 years’ combined experience. Having completed numerous retaining wall projects throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, as well as the Gold Coast, we have amassed an abundance of knowledge. Our services include design work, regular landscape yard mowing maintenance, installations of retaining walls in Brisbane, tree lopping, the building of pergolas, installation of decks, driveways, and pathways, to name but a few. We have a trusted team of suppliers with whom we have established excellent working relationships.
  • Please contact us to arrange for a consultation and let us give you a quote. From a once-off yard tidy up to a complete redesign, we are happy to help.


" We purchased a beautiful home in Holland Park, however the back yard area was a unusable sloping hill. We have 2 kids and they needed a secure area to play and we needed an area to entertain. Ben took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and also brought up suggestions that we had not even thought about so that we could get the best value from our property. " 

" The design Ben proposed was perfect as we now have a back yard that has stairs and flat platforms areas for the kids to play and entertain.  Thanks Ben, for a wonderful job. "

David and Janine - Holland Park